Here are 9 songs to practice Locking to. Which one is your favourite?


Saturday session

Some pictures from today sessions. In the first session, we unlocked headstand and in the second session we unlocked coindrop. Awesome stuffs!


Saturday session

Some awesome work from the beginner and the intermediate session! We are loving the space and being able to throwdown without kick anything :-p.


Saturday session

A lot of flow rock today alongside training freezes and swipes. Not long now until we are back in the studio!


Wednesday sessions

Lola training very hard every Wednesday practising Breaking and Locking! Awesome work Lola!


Saturday session

Girls practice today! We did some stacking of some freezes! Girl power!


Saturday session

Today, we practiced threads and our usuals : freezes and all the footworks we can think of. How many can you name?


Wednesday session

A lot of spinning moves, we practised today. Hip spin, knee spin, back spin, head spin trying to link them to some freezes.


KC, the Kickboxing Cat learning Breaking!

Did you know that KC has been training Martial arts and Breaking. Evidence in this video.

Bgirl Lola

Working on spiny moves. Back spin, Head spin, Knee spin, Hip spin. It has been a while since we have been able to practise those spiny moves!


Popping session!

Neck-o-Flex,Twist-o-Flex, Master-Flex, Roll and Old man practise as well as Scarecrow Toy man and Boog. So much fun! We want more!


Bust-A-Move Youth Breakers

Awesome sesh’! Let’s recap all the things learnt in January and put them into action in our dancing.


Popping session! We loved it!


Quick edit of the adults training.


First session back after Christmas

A lot of floorwork practise today using it as transitions and entries for freezes.


Here is a quick slideshow of what we have been up to this year!

Bust-A-Move was created the summer gone and we are so happy with what we have achieved so far. Bust-A-Move Leeds is only beginning. More exciting things are coming! Thank you to everyone who has supported us!


Some pictures of our 7 to smoke.


Last session before Christmas!

Last session of the year with the heated 7 to smoke for our youth breakers! They did awesome! And not to forget the Christmas presents! Find below the pictures with the prezzies! Thank you HelloHipHop for making the fresh HipHop booklet! They loved it! Check out the HelloHipHop website :

More pictures of the 7 to smoke will be coming very soon!


Second week back in the studio for the Bust-A-Move youth breakers!

Finally the video is here!


Back in the studio for the Bust-A-Move youth breakers!

We had the chance to put into practise all the moves learned online. It felt good being able to Bust some moves and having enough space to dance. That hour went far too fast! Check it out on the video what we have been up to.


Third and for now last breakdancing ONLINE session!

Different get downs and CC’s variations. We can’t wait to be back in the studio to go over what we have learnt and practise it while using it into our throw downs. Here are the pictures from today.


Second Locking ONLINE session!

This time we made sure we recoded something that we can post. Here you are our routine this week. Locking in the kitchen! luckily we didn’t break anything :-p Next week we will be doing House.


Second breakdancing ONLINE session!

Can’t believe we can still have fun through our screens and practise some more! A lot of zulu spins variations today with some shoulder and pencil freeze practise.


First breakdancing ONLINE session!

We don’t stop Bust-A-Move, we adapt :-p ! Here is a little glimpse of our first breakdancing online session.


A step back into the 90’s!

One week of New Jack Swing before Lockdown 2.0. So much fun. Unfortunately the classes will stop during this new Lockdown, however, we are planning to get some online practise. We will keep you posted!


Tricks or Treat

Tricks or Treat, the breakers chose tricks!


House at DSL – week 2

Great energy in the studio! We had a lot of Fun! Next week, New Jack Swing! We can’t wait!


Practice, practice, practice!

6 steps training and mini swipe training, here we go!


House at DSL – week 1!

Here we go! We can’t wait for next week already!



Ninja and 3 steps training, here we Bust-a lot of-Moves!


Getting Funky at DSL – week 2!

Thank you everyone who came and grooved with us!

Big welcome to two new Lockers! We had a lot of fun!

Looking forward to do House next week!


Getting down at DSL!

Leaving the studio with fresh stickers supplied by STRXlifestyle.

Thank you STRX for the stickers. Check out his website : .

Today was Pretzel training day! Here we go!


Getting Funky at DSL!

Thank you everyone who came to represent!

We are excited to be back doing some Locking in the Original Hip Hop Styles Dance Class at the Dance Studio Leeds.


Third session in the studio.

Big welcome to two new breakers today!

Some serious swipe practise! See you all Next Week!


Second session back in the studio!

Some serious 12 steps variations practise! See you all Next Week!


First session back in the studio!

Some serious Breaking and lots of Fun! See you all Next Week!

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